Parent Education Night on Youth Social Media Safety
Parent Education Night on Youth Social Media Safety
Posted on 02/28/2015
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Thursday, March 5th
6:30 @ First Flight High School
Come Join Us & Learn...
As a parent, the thought of social media can be overwhelming, but as parents we can’t turn a blind eye to it. Instead we need to learn about what your children are using, the potential issues/concerns, and what we can do as parents to educate our children and prevent them from making the mistakes that so many youth make every day.

This Presentation includes:

- The Popular Social Media Apps & the Pros and Cons of Each

- Cyber Bullying Amongst Youth - Tell Tale Signs & What To Do

- Social Media Addiction & Communication Skills

- 6 Potential Social Media Risks for Youth & the Security Measures

- 10 Great Tips for Parents to Monitor & Protect Their Child