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School Counselor

I am so excited for the 2019-2020 school year at Nags Head Elementary! I am here as a resource to students, families, and staff to promote the well-being of all children. 

The main goal of the counseling program is to foster relationship building so that all students feel safe and welcome here at school. It is important that we take a whole child approach to address social, emotional, and academic needs. 

The services I offer at school include:

Individual counseling: This is goal and solution focused time spent with students to address a particular concern. I do not offer long-term counseling but can make referrals out to our wonderful community counselors and therapists. I do use the Zones of Regulation program as a way to help students with their emotions and self-regulation. Learning coping skills is another huge component to individual counseling. Teachers, parents, administration, and students can all reach out for support.

Group counseling: Groups can be formed based on student needs. This would take place during non-instructional times throughout the day. I enjoy utilizing lunch as a time to meet with groups if possible. 

Classroom guidance: I will be able to see every classroom this year one time per month (or more if a teacher has a particular lesson request). Lessons this year will focus on self-regulation/coping skills, kindness, empathy, growth mindset, fostering resilience, self-control, respect, and much more! Lessons will be tailored to each grade level. 

Wave Rider of the Month: Students will be recognized monthly for displaying the character traits of the month. Their names will be announced on our news show at the beginning of the next month. Students will receive many special prizes! Their picture will be taken as a group and displayed in our school and on the website and social media. 

Newsletter: I will be sending out a monthly newsletter that will have information about classroom guidance topics, words of the month, Wave Riders of the Month, resources, and other monthly happenings within the school and counseling program. 

I am always available if you have questions, concerns, or are in need of resources/support. 

Let’s connect! Please give me a call or shoot an email. 

Emily Martin, NHES School Counselor
252-480-8880 ext. 1825